:pushpin:GuesSync!: An Online Casual Game To Reduce Affective Polarization (slides, gamelink: - CSCW’23
A Rajadesingan, D Choo, J Zhang, M Inakage, C Budak, P Resnick

:pushpin:‘Walking Into a Fire Hoping You Don’t Catch’: Strategies and Designs to Facilitate Cross-Partisan Online Discussions - CSCW’21
A Rajadesingan, C Duran, P Resnick, C Budak

:pushpin:Political Discussion is Abundant in Non-political Subreddits (and Less Toxic) (poster, political subreddits dataset) - ICWSM’21
A Rajadesingan, C Budak, P Resnick

:pushpin:Leader or Party? Personalization in Twitter Political Campaigns during the 2019 Indian Elections - SMS’20
A Rajadesingan, A Panda, J Pal

:pushpin:Quick, Community-Specific Learning: How Distinctive Toxicity Norms Are Maintained in Political Subreddits (slides, video, blogpost) - ICWSM’20
A Rajadesingan, P Resnick, C Budak

:pushpin:Smart, Responsible, and Upper Caste Only: Measuring Caste Attitudes through Large-Scale Analysis of Matrimonial Profiles (slides) - ICWSM’19 (Best Paper)
A Rajadesingan, R Mahalingam, D Jurgens

:pushpin:Detecting Sarcasm on Twitter: A Behavioral Modeling Approach (Dataset) - WSDM’15
A Rajadesingan, R Zafarani, H Liu

:pushpin:Identifying Users with Opposing Opinions in Twitter Debates - SBP’14
A Rajadesingan, H Liu

:pushpin:PhishAri: Automatic Realtime Phishing Detection on Twitter - eCrime’12 (Best Paper)
A Aggarwal, A Rajadesingan, P Kumaraguru

:pushpin:Comment Spam Identification using Comment-Blog Post Relationships and Content Analysis - CICLing’12
A Rajadesingan, A Mahendran

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